CARTA Robbery Mitigation and Threat Management
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Course Overview

Canadian Armed Robbery Training Associates Inc. (CARTA Inc.) is a Hamilton, Ontario based company that provides Truck Hijacking Response Training to truck drivers, dispatchers and truck management.  Our trainers and instructors are veteran law enforcement officers with extensive experience as robbery investigators.

Our four hour Truck Hijacking Response Training Seminar is ideal for small to medium size trucking fleets and can be delivered on-site at your company in your own work environment.  The course teaches drivers steps to take to avoid a truck hijacking from taking place.  In the event of a truck hijacking participants are provided with a solid understanding in how to react and what actions to take following a hijacking incident.   As a part of the instruction, participants will be trained to effectively develop their observation skills and to conduct proper post robbery procedures.

The classroom training content consists of classroom theory covering essential core truck hijacking related topicsin combination with the use of short duration, interactive and non-violent training scenarios using video footage.  This type of training allows truck drivers to walk through the mental thought process of a truck hijacking situation in a controlled, comfortable and stress free environment. Our training can assist in minimizing both business and employee risk in the event of a truck hijacking situation.

European Violent Trends
"Organized cargo crime is a global phenomenon.  In the North America cargo crime is typically viewed as a victimless crime of opportunity that is settled by an insurance claim.  In European countries, by contrast, more aggressive and violent tactics - reminiscent of criminal behaviour in South Amercia, Eastern Europe and Asian are more commonly associated with cargo crime. North American trends lag those in Europe by five years.  European Truck Hijacking culprits are using violent tactics such as the use of bogus police checkpoints, knockout gas that is used at truck stops to disable drivers, and violent vehicle entries while a high-value vehicle is negotiating congested traffic is now common."  The below video is an example of an European Truck Hijacking.

Overview of Truck Hijacking Response Training Seminar

  1. Course Highlights
  2. Relying on Training in a Stressful Situation
  3. What is a Robbery?
  4. Robber’s Goals & Motives
  5. Effects of Robbery on Employees
  6. Bill C-45 Criminal Liability of Organizations
  7. Cargo Theft vs. Cargo Hijacking
  8. Why Truck Drivers are at Risk?
  9. Complacency
  10. Truck Hijacking a Global Threat
  11. European Hijacking Trends
  12. Organized Crime & Terrorist Groups
  13. Communication, Security Devices & Controls
  14. Implementing Human Resources Controls – Personnel
  15. Safety Procedures to Prevent Hijacking
  16. Myths of Armed Robbery
  17. Active & Passive Resistance
  18. Weapons of Robbery
  19. Observation Practices
  20. Use of Robbery Description Form
  21. Post Robbery Procedure Cards
  22. Police Response & Investigation
  23. Observation Skills Exercises #1 – 4 using video scenarios
  24. Post Robbery Procedure Exercise – Truck Hijacking video scenario

Non-violent Interactive Training Scenarios

Observation Skills (Individual Exercise) - each participant views one of four short video clips of an armed culprit & get away vehicle involved in a truck hijacking incident.  After viewing the video clip the participant fills out their culprit description form and utilizes observation practices to recall the information.  Following the exercise there is a group critique and comparison.

Post Robbery Procedure – Truck Hijacking Scenario (Group Exercise) – a short video clip of a truck hijacking scenario is provided.  Each group uses their assigned robbery procedure card(s) and articulates their group’s responsibilities following the hijacking.