CARTA Robbery Mitigation and Threat Management
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Course Overview

The on-line Truck Hijacking Response Training Course is a 45 minute course that includes short, interactive, narrated and illustrated lessons that are both informative and easy to understand.  Employees can complete the course at their own pace and from any location (web-based training) and have unlimited access to the program for a 1 year period of time and are provided with a certificate upon successful completion of the course.  Supervisors can monitor employee activity and program test results.   The course teaches drivers steps to take to avoid a truck hijacking from taking place.  In the event of a truck hijacking participants are provided with a solid understanding in how to react and what actions to take following a hijacking incident.  Participants will gain the knowledge and confidence to respond safely and effectively to a truck hijacking situation.  This is the only on-line Truck Hijacking Response Training Course available in North America.

Program Highlights

  • Training is web-based and can be accessed from any computer location
  • Participants can complete the training at their own pace
  • Module quizzes and course examination to assess participant’s knowledge of program material
  • Course certificate awarded to participant upon successful completion of program
  • Assessment and analysis services available to monitor employee activity and test results.

Program Benefits

  • Enhanced driver protection
  • Minimize risk of driver injury or fatality during a truck hijacking incident
  • Facilitate appropriate post robbery procedures that can assist in suspect apprehension and load recovery
  • Develops effective observation skills and strategies
  • Ability to identify multiple suspects
  • Better technical knowledge of robbery weapons
  • Appropriate response actions during a robbery (active vs. passive resistance)
  • Preparation to effectively complete robbery description forms and handle police questioning

European Violent Trends
"Organized cargo crime is a global phenomenon.  In the North America cargo crime is typically viewed as a victimless crime of opportunity that is settled by an insurance claim.  In European countries, by contrast, more aggressive and violent tactics - reminiscent of criminal behaviour in South Amercia, Eastern Europe and Asian are more commonly associated with cargo crime. North American trends lag those in Europe by five years.  European Truck Hijacking culprits are using violent tactics such as the use of bogus police checkpoints, knockout gas that is used at truck stops to disable drivers, and violent vehicle entries while a high-value vehicle is negotiating congested traffic is now common."  The below video is an example of an European Truck Hijacking.